Manchester United lifting the UEFA Europa Cup 

Manchester united have held almost every trophy they contested in except the UEFA EUROPA CUP which they first contested in  2012 after securing a third place in the group stage of UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. However, they didn’t have a chance to pass across ATHLETICO BILBAO  who were champions later  that season. This has been the second time they qualified for EUROPA after securing the sixth position in the PREMIER LEAGUE 2015/2016 SEASON.  It has been a while we saw a Manchester United glory. It has taken countable years since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club as champions. The old Trafford club has been in a miserable state changing coaches for better results. 
It was on 13th may 2016, that they made a decision that gives them joy today when they decided to give Jose Morihno a chance to lead them. It has been his first year at the club that he has managed to hand them a trophy they have never won before. With his skills and  ability he has managed to secure a place in the champions league. 

Jose morihno 

Jose Morihno is known for his success as a club manager in Chelsea, real Madrid, inter Milan, Porto and its of no surprise that he has led a stumbling Manchester to being champions of the Europa league cup. It has been his experience at the touchline that led to the signing of better players that have raised the standards of the club. Paul Pogba is one of his signings and he was the first to score the first goal in the first half when his deflected shot entered the far corner giving United the first step in glory.

The long anticipated match started off in Stockholm last night with Manchester aiming to win in order to contest in the champions league while Ajax wanted to fade off the long  awaited years to reach an international final after 10 years. More so, it was MOurihno’S chance to keep his stars high as he always wins a title in his first appearance at a club. 

Paulo Pogba’s goal in the 18th minute. 

As the match went on in the 18th minute United midfielder Pogba penetrated the Ajax defense shooting a deflection that resulted into the first goal for Manchester United. Mkhitaryan sealed off the victory with a second goal in the 47th minute.  However, it was a lot of hard work and team work that gave them victory because they were being out played by the unlucky Ajax.

   We therefore wait for the better side of MANCHESTER UNITED next season as they contest in the super cup, champions league and the ENGLISH COMPETITIONS. They are considered a better side for next season ‘s premier league as we will be watching MOurihno’s strategic game play. It’s so convincing as Mourihno and his team have not disappointed the Manchester United fans after ending the season with three trophies in the armpits.

After being the most successful club in Italy, Juventus has won two champions league titles and managed to reach several other finals. Currently the Turin based club is eyeing their recent final stage this year with hopes of retaining the trophy. They will be meeting a Spanish side that already won it last season and are looking forward to regaining another victory this year. They have not secured this title since their come back from the lower divisions and this is going to be their second final after losing to Barcelona (1-3) in 2014/15 season.

Squad 2016/17

Under the current coaching of Masimilano Allegri, they have managed to secure league tittles to add on there victories. Currently they are the champions of 2016/17 Italian serie A league. Allegri has now managed to take them to two UEFA Champions league finals in three years. Probably this might be his chance to secure the title for the first time in this club. Also with the current form of players like Paulo Dybala,Gonzalo higuain, Tomas Ricon,  Claudio Marchisio and Gianluigi Buffon along with a well organized defense, they have  been unbeaten in the champions league matches this season.  After defeating  a strong Barcelona on an aggregate of (3-0), it is clear that they want to add on their 63 tittles they have that include home and international competitions. This could be their most valuable moment ever since they came out of serie B.

Head to head juventus is on a great advantage as it has managed to win and drawn without loss in their last five matches played. With the anticipation of taking it the second time in a row Real Madrid will not be an easy side to match. There is no conclusion to this final a till its over. The Spanish side are currently the best players and have also secured the la liga title this year. It is going to be two league champions facing off each other for the most valuable title of the season in Europe.

They (juventus) will be facing a goal manufacturer Christiano Ronaldo who already has  (10) goals in the competition one goal behind the top scorer lionel Messi . Never the less, he will be facing the defense mechanism of Bonucci, Chiellin, Barzagli and Alvez. The two giants will be facing each other in Cardiff, Wales on Saturday June 3rd .Juventus for a third title while real Madrid for a dozen.


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