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Unlawful act of intimidating and violating act against civilians or non combatants. Terrorism has generated fear in the world and destabilized governments due to ideological aims or political ambitions. In the present time the world is facing all kinds of terrorism, civil, political and individual interests. Everyday there people dying due to this injustice and it has become a global catastrophe.terrorism-isis With this act growing rapidly every day the global village ideology is being affected since governments are in the state of security threat all times. Terrorism has not only impacted fear in people but also interrupted the functioning of the society. At present the economical and social factors are unstable while international relations are breaking down such as Brexit.
In security around the world because terrorist can attack any time in different ways. Take an example of Manchester attack some months back when a terrorist drove through the public on the street, the incident in US in Orlando at a gay club that killed 49 and left 53 wounded. Everyday there are new ways terrorist are using to attack. They killed millions of people, left others homeless , kids left orphans and this is an everyday act and effect. Its an unfair act that makes judgment into the innocent. We have witnessed cities falling, destroyed to the ground. In Aleppo no building was left standing, in Mosul its a total destruction. The survivors of this tragedy are left hopeless and running around the world for help, mass migrations have occurred and refugees seeking better standards of living.
Its so unfair as refugees seek support also terrorist use that opportunity to get to their target countries as asylum seekers. Terrorism has also led to mis concept of the Islamic religion. Muslims are denied privileges as other travelers in certain countries. Donald Trump signed a illegal migration campaign stopping refugees from entering the US and Islamic nationals from some Islamic countries.


Peru  faces strong running water with land slides.

The heavy rain caused erosion and land slides in Peru that so lives almost being lost.  A lot of property was lost including houses.  Animals were being taken off by running  water that was crashing objects in a closed tunnel.  The worst scene is when a woman survives being taken by water in the closed tunnel.  This is the effect of climate change and global warming .



The Paris deal / agreement is the agreement within the United Nations described as an incentive for and driver of fossil fuel divestment.large_myRgI5sB6YRdkP8VBGzA2VkLnPxdDyvWiO12N6m_ALE This is the world’s first climate agreement which was signed on 22-April-2016 by 195 countries around the world. It has been effective since 4 – november-2016. The deal which the president of US withdrew from.
It is about controlling and preserving the environment for a better climate. Being affected by dangerous gases like carbon dioxide which come from green houses, climate has changed the face of the earth leading it to destruction.. This is due to the effect of global warming which is contributed by every country. What is global warming? The increase of the earth’s average surface temperature due to effect of carbon dioxide from green house gases caused by fossil fuels and also other human activities like deforestation have been a great contribution. These gases accumulate in the atmosphere, the sun shines on to the earth’s surface then it’s absorbed and radiated back into the atmosphere as heat. because of the gases heat cannot penetrate through its layers created, so it concentrates on the earth’s surface which leads to increase in temperature that results into wild fires, long droughts rise in sea level causing flooding.
The current temperature on earth has climbed to 0.7C roughly ten times faster than the average temperature of ice age warming. The temperature in the arctic is rising twice as fast as elsewhere on earth, meaning the world’s ice sheets are melting fast leading to a rise in sea level according to scientists.900-477217333-melting-glaciers
Global warming has affected the earth in many ways; increase in temperature has increased heat that causes long droughts and outbreak of insects that cause epidemic diseases like in Africa and Asia. Flooding and erosion are a result of global warming. Landslides have occurred and recent floods in sir lanka, Nigeria to mention a few. Heat has increased in cities compared to rural areas due to man interference with the environment. Also decline in water supply reduces agricultural yields.
Human activities have been a great danger to climate, acts like deforestation, reclaiming land from the sea and oceans. The Paris agreement is supposed to carter for all the above causes to decrease dangers of harming climate. Without proper solutions and unity, the earth is going to be destroyed in a very short time. A quick thinker would say ” if they have failed to agree then the best option is to run off the earth as soon as possible”.
After promising Americans opportunities in his campaign, Donald Trump could not stay in the Paris deal since he targets to use industrial sector to increase employment and generate more revenue. 3DCFC02500000578-4269342-image-a-2_1488321328003However, is this increases global warming since US tops the countries in releasing carbon dioxide with 17%. Can we say the US has abandoned the fair use of the environment.


It has been a routine every year for Muslims to involve themselves in the fasting event known as Ramadan. Ramadan was introduced during sha ‘ban in the second year after Muslims migrated from Mecca to Medina .Every year in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, its mandatory for every Muslim to pour his/ her heart to Allah through fasting. Ramadan, is one of the five pillars of Islam and it’s the fourth pillar to be fulfilled, others include; Believing in one God and that Mohammed ( PBWH) is a prophet of Allah. Praying five times a day. Paying zakah. To make pilgrimage to Mecca.
Ramadan lasts 29 to 30 days and in this period a Muslim is not allowed to do certain things in order to have a holy fasting. These abstains include; Not allowed to eat during the day and not drinking any kind of liquid. Smoking is prohibited for the whole fasting period. No sexual relations and abstain from bad deeds. However, there are people allowed to fore go fasting. The ill, travelers, elderly, pregnant women, breast feeding. For any Muslim who is in good health conditions is supposed to fast in the month of Ramadan.
The fasting period has dos and don’ts. There are a accomplishments to make a good fasting; Sawm( fasting)which is the main reason in Ramadan. Praying five times a day. Zakah and sadaqah which include alms giving. Zakah-fitr is a must give before praying Eid to purify your fasting period. Also praying taraweeh in the evening when ending your fasting of the day.(It’s the prayer after swalat-ishah). Reading the Quran and avoiding sin. Those that don’t fast with reason are required to help the ones fasting or giving aid to the needy.
This year’s fasting period starts on 27th of may and ends on the 24th of June after Muslims will be celebrating Eid-fitr. It’s of good reason for non Muslims to be aware of the fasting period in order not to inconvenience those fasting. There are acts which can affect their fasting like eating in their presence is an act of temptation and disrespecting of faith.
For Muslims in the fasting period there don’ts that can cancel your fasting of the day. These include; intentional eating, shaking hands with the opposite sex who is not your relative, immorality.
The reason for fasting is to fulfill the fourth pillar of Islam, to purify your soul and also to get blessings from Allah. Peace be with you.


Apples; which are rich in the antioxidant quercetin, can efficiently protect  the brain cells from free radical damage on the outering living of neurons. Another super food that’s fully loaded with vitamins, minerals and source of omega 3s, vitamin E, potassium and more that aid in proper brain function as well as promote blood flow to the brain. Vitamin B6, which is crucial to proper brain function can be obtained from bananas. in fact just one large banana already supplies 0.5 milligrams of the 1.7 milligrams of the recommended dietary allowance.

Black berries do a great job in improving communication between brain cells with the help of anti- inflammatory polyphones. Blue berries can delay or reduce the risk of short term memory  loss. The antioxidants in blue berries can help create new connective pathways in the brain which tend to decline as people age. Its sweet taste is abundant supply of potassium, which helps keep you focused and alert. It does so by making sure that there’s enough oxygen going to your brain. A100- gram serving of this fruit contains 267 milligrams of potassium.

Polyphones (well known nutrient of the heart) in grapes can enhance learning skills and spatial memory. The polyphones do a great job improving communication between the brain cells. Oranges contain loads of fiber and vitamin C however, they are also rich in flavonoids, which can efficiently boost cognition and memory specially for the elderly. Much on straw berries and enjoy lower risk of neurological decline. Straw berries also enhance memory as well as moter function.

Start deity to be healthy, to enrich your mind and body. A good deity helps rebuild  function of the human body.


Arrow road

Many people have tried to help you rise while others fight for your fall. This is nature. No one is one sided, having only enemies or friends. It only comes to you to decide whether to be over powered by the positive or negative side of your life. If you are weak in mind then you are most likely to fall on the negative side, which your enemies use (weakness) to overpower you.

Today we are surrounded by those that smile when you achieve and those that laugh when you fail. We live amongst hypocrites, haters, and friends. Peers who influence our lives and make part of our future. Sometimes you are stranded with believe whether the pal next to you supports your ideas or is around you to witness your failures.

Many people today have failed to reach their goals in life due to peers or colleagues that they share with. IN most cases they are close friends or relatives that define what we should believe, if they are moderate people then you are most likely to fall in the same path. Many of the people feed on ideas of those close to them instead of following their minds. The moment you become dependent in decision making means you can’t achieve a lot in life. Also it sticks in your mind that you can’t achieve unless you have support. Relaying very much on their minds brings weakness and laziness on addition to loosing self-confidence.

Today people that are counted successful stood up against beliefs of the family and their governments, these human made structures imprison you and limit your abilities, you can only penetrated them when you stand on your personal decisions. For example some people dropped out of school in believe that they could be better without further education and they stood their ground to success. Sometimes we ask advice from people who have bad experience about an idea in in the end you are discouraged to continue on something. This is where decision making is more powerful factor.

Find who you are without people manipulating your mind and deciding for you. Don’t allow to be discouraged without trying to gain your own experience. Alright, we know we are programed from childhood but those who follow it leave an average life and can’t penetrate the boundaries. Those with exclusive ideas tend to leave outside the walls and build a new dimension of life for a better future. Living outside the program is risk taking but in most cases it’s worth it. Your father has ideas and laws governing you and in most cases he wants you to be him (same work or path of life) but you have your life to discover. The system we live in is on longer perfect and the only way to succeed is to stand your ground. Be a better man today for tomorrow.