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Wind of change in the pearl of Africa. 



USA , a country of 50 states with a great cities like New York which is a global financial centre (a city that never sleeps), the administrative Washington and Hollywood famously known for the film industry. With the saying “New order of the ages” and “in God we trust” among others. It was in the second world war that USA became super power and it has been a routine of the country to help other nations world wide through organizations like UN and foreign policies.
It is however, now governed by Donald Trump161107120239-01-trump-parry-super-169 , the first president without military attachment and political experience. Trump was a business man and a television personality before politics. Having earned a degree in economics, Trump with his slogan ‘ to make America great again’. His campaign speech about issues like illegal immigration, Islamic terrorism and US nation debt made the Americans to give him a chance. However, he had a record of number of false statements in his campaign. An effective political tactic that has started back firing for over promising. In his 100 days, he had succeeded in a few and struggling with the many of his promises.
In his 100 days Trump signed six orders, the patient protection and affordable care act. He also withdrew from the tans pacific partnership, re instated the Mexican city policy , re opened the keystone XL and Dakota access pipeline. Also launched the process to build a new Mexico border wall. on 27th January president Trump signed an executive order that suspended admission of refugees for 120 days and denied entry to citizens of some Islamic states such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen for 90 days due to terrorism acts.
Trump supports legalizing medical marijuana, he favors capital punishment as well as water boarding. Favors eliminating the alternative minimum tax and estate tax in the US In his foreign visits this year Trump met with king salman on may 20th and signed a $110 billion arms deal with Saud Arabia. On the 24-27 he attended the 28th NATO summit and the 43rd G7 summit.
His reign started with protests from the day he was declared the president elect, many Americans flooded the streets in protest of unfairness of the elections. Also on his inauguration protests continued. Other incidences were the about the illegal immigration campaign and women matching on the streets. This only shows that the Americans feel insecure under his reign and his unstable policies. This has rose claims about his campaign that is said to have Russians interfere with the elections


It’s a reality that Africa has strong values and norms, culture with so much to learn and to believe. High civilization in the past that now we witness great infrastructures that stand today like the pyramids and ancient cities in Egypt. A well organised governing structure of kings that in some before were believed to be demi gods. Societies had better structures that man only worried about protecting his family. Its recorded in history that many leaders and elites visited the continent to discover and learn from it, Alexander the great, Napoleon just to mention a few. Africa was a land of bread and honey. Even today many secret societies use African value and believe to function.

With the influence of foreign rule (colonialism), Africa went into steps of change from political, social and economic. However, did our colonial masters enrich the continent or destroyed its nature? Political change replaced spears with guns, kings with presidents, linage rule with elections. It came with ideologies of capitalism and communism. This changed the governing structures and led to scramble for power. After colonial rule the continent was free to control its affairs, this was not a chance to rebuild; it was the start of destruction. Those that have power have self-interests and have less consumed about the people. Africa went in the fazes of coups that removed puppet leaders but only introduced military governments that are the main cause of Africa’s problems today. Leaders that don’t want to leave power causing civil wars and rebellions which have made people face the worst treatment ever in the history of the continent


It’s between 30 to 35 years today that many Ugandans made a decision  that haunts them , with the saying had I known playing repeatedly in their  minds after giving are dictator the chance to rule their economy and social life harshly for his political gains . Those that lived before his reign say they witnessed a promising regime of Idi Amin that had started developing with better infrastructure. its believed that many of the infrastructure in the country today like hospitals, roads and public buildings were built in the former regime .As for those that were born in the current regime ,only witness the cruelty  of a dictator and facing the problems of un employment.

In 1986 when Ugandans were embracing the new regime thought they were advancing and welcoming a leader of great hope, little did they know his ambitions were shallow side. Being supported by farmers who were the middle class and contributing almost half of the economy of the country. They believed their production will gain more if they supported a leader of great cause as he had promised but all in vain. The most issue that rose those days was internal security as soldiers of the last regime were taking the law in their hands,30 years after the new regime, the country still facieses internal insecurity leaving the problem unsolved. at present even at day light it’s not secure to move in town with your valuables because of high rate of unemployment that makes it worse. It’s of surprise as the army claims to bring peace to the eastern region of Africa but cannot hold internal security. The nation is facing internal insecurity from groups like “kifesi” mention a few. the government has not yet found a solution for the rising groups. this shows how much they have failed to control the country.  the country’s police force has a big role of buying tear gas to run over peace demonstrations turning to violent riots. The police force is no longer working for the people but for individuals turning the country into a mafia zone. As the saying goes on  ” the country is owned by a handful of individuals.”

The education system has become irrelevant in the present world. many graduates complete degrees diplomas and certificates and end up unemployed. The fact is that Uganda doesn’t change with development. They still teach programmed work, matter of fact in developed countries schooling takes a short period of time, they only study relevant information. If in the syllabus you still teach kintu and nambi, the zulu kingdom, tell me how students will know about the new innovations of technology. Many schools don’t use computers, laboratories lack modern equipment. I would say “bye bye to innovation and creativity.” Our education system is filled with art subjects and more are still being introduced such as patriotism. looks like we are meant to be job seekers on addition to the worst efforts of the government creating jobs. No wonder we are getting entertainers to present us in the parliament instead of scholars. Ministers and members of the parliament who can’t search for market or opportunities for their people. The best game players are those that know how to represent themselves and be part of the collectors when the president issues (money) for his interests to be passed in the parliament. This is the kind of leadership we are living under.

Furthermore, the top leaders practice bribery and corruption openly giving the rest no option but to join the band wagon. Its believed that a lot of aid and grants offered by foreign countries its being split within a few individuals and are left unpunished. Instead of having role models the country has suspects of public funds. The focus is on the education system which the government failed to advance, if it’s being handled properly there can be a better society of innovators and creators. Also placing candidates that are fit to govern the ministries. None is retiring because they are all professional job seekers and the retirement age rule doesn’t function that’s why we are having the same problems.

In the late 90s the economy started collapsing and prices of commodities started increasing, remember sugar was ugx 300. The standards and cost of living was low but prices have been rising and are still rising. today the cost of sugar has risen to ugx 7000 and still rising. A few years back we saw a case when sugar was being controlled by one person who was playing his game to un more money on the expense of nationals. this shows that the government has no standard policies that protect the country’s economy. Matter of fact they care less about the countries economy and natural resources. Natural resources are the heart of the countries economy and if they are misused or underused means low development. Witnesses remember the cases of mabira forest, namanve and lake Victoria saga. Uganda is a under a destruction and this leadership is taking her nowhere but only darkness

Questions are still rising as to why the government released the most important aspects of the economy to privatization such as the airport, electricity board etc. In other countries they are the biggest factors for development. In the country today the public is facing the effects of privatization as it comes with high prices and strong policies. however, after the relief of releasing government resources they have also failed to control the remaining resource, soon we shall here government hospitals are privatized.

In conclusion, can the government stop or control what the country is facing today such as brain drain, high cost of living and internal insecurity. Can we say that the current leadership is satisfied with its accomplishment, are these the fruits of their struggle for power. What kind of hope has it displayed for a better country that not only foreigners enjoy it but also the nationals.`


​Working abroad has been a benefit for the unemployed and unprivileged. After the government failing to create job opportunities for its nationals, many have found a fortune abroad. however, the government has failed to help those that faced harsh treatment and those that have fallen victim of racism and mistreatment. A lot of torture and mistreatment is happening everyday but nothing has been done to help them. Moreover the country’s economy is also supported by those working abroad, when they are unstable means that also it affects the economy too.

It’s such a shame that the countries where these cases are rising are the same that the government claim to get employment for its nationals. Without proper policies a lined to protect them  leaves questions unanswered. The government should come out and explain its protection policy for those working abroad and the measures in place to help those that fall victim of torture and mistreatment.

Other countries have agreement with those governments that deploy the nationals  and an agreement is reached to protect their nationals. Can the government assure the public that there is a clear agreement reached upon with these governments to protect its nationals from acts of slavery and torture. Cases have risen in the middle east with evidence of videos and audios released by the victims. Women are falling victims everyday especially those that are employed as maids (rape and mistreatment)

After failing to create opportunities, it would be better for the government to ensure protection for those that search for it elsewhere. Ever since cases arose , none has been solved, this leaves Ugandans helpless and loosing trust in their leaders. Without shame, they over tax the items of those that come back home and failure to clear they take the items. Before they tax those importing items they should first give them protection, this shows greed and not service and also the effects that come out of privatizing an airport. Ugandans are now suffering due to privatization which gives power to the contractors to implement their choice of policies.

It has been a successful ambition for the government of destroying the country after causing unemployment now they have started brain drain, making sure no more development takes place in the country. it makes sense as its easy ruling people who are not home  moreover  they are only getting low paying jobs that will only lead to slow development.

It is so sad that the nation is falling apart and the worst is praised to be the best. Many nationals are flying overseas to secure a future however much the conditions are unfavorable. The acts of racism and torture have been acted upon them but the government eyes with silence and takes the back seat. What security is given to those  currently it is deploying in the middle east.