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Tiger Woods arrest

Tiger Woods was arrested recently after being found sleeping on the wheel, police saisaid he was under influence.Fail to follow what the police instructed him to  do.



ivan-semwangaIt’s of deep sorrow having lost an inspirational young man who was a reflection of possibilities in Uganda, as many youth were and still fanaticizing to reach his heights. It’s not easy for the youth in Uganda to achieve their dreams at an early age and those that have manage, have either gone over seas played their game clean or got a rich partner to marry, to mention; bad black, Don zera, Ezra. However, the majority of the youth that remain in the country never even make it to the middle class level because of unemployment and lack of resources to start projects. On rumors those that have made it have untold terrifying stories behind their success .
Ivan Semwanga was born on 12th DEC 1977 in Nakairo kayunga district in eastern Uganda, by father George semwanga Lutaaya and mother Liize Semwanga who are both deceased .He studied at Bishop Brown primary and later kanjuki SS and Central Academy. After a few years leaving school he moved to South Africa for a better fortune. Ivan heard- 50 cent’s saying of” get rich ,die trying”. After a hustle he managed to set his heights started living an executive high class luxurious life. At his death point Ivan had mult- businesses that included schools, real states and was driving luxurious cars being the first in Uganda to live a celebrity and famous socialist life along with his ex- wife Zari known as the boss lady.

Young and free Ivan has been enjoying the fruits of his sweat with his community both in South Africa and in Uganda. Occasionary he would throw money to the audience in clubs and on parties. Also he did give back to the community as of recent on his last trip to his home country (uganda), he gave charity to children and their parents.
His life is still an adventure as many stories rise on rumors about his death however, that doesn’t fade of the fact that he didn’t achieved his success out of the blue. What else was he to a accomplish, had a nice family, standing businesses lived a dream life and gave back to society. What description would you give such a person, ” a successful mogul”. I know many critics will want to exploit his dark side and create rumors but as an inspiration to society, he has been a perfect reflection for the youth. You have witnessed other individuals trying to live and poetry that kind of life he lived but they couldn’t much him, many have fallen and imprisoned and never rise again. That’s the kind of respect you give to a person that is consistent and keeps the level.
RIP- Ivan Semwanga.