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Wyere Charles born on 13th June, studied mass communication at St Lawrence University, Uganda. Founder and owner of the perusal, also a couple founder of Amir television.


Unlawful act of intimidating and violating act against civilians or non combatants. Terrorism has generated fear in the world and destabilized governments due to ideological aims or political ambitions. In the present time the world is facing all kinds of terrorism, civil, political and individual interests. Everyday there people dying due to this injustice and it has become a global catastrophe.terrorism-isis With this act growing rapidly every day the global village ideology is being affected since governments are in the state of security threat all times. Terrorism has not only impacted fear in people but also interrupted the functioning of the society. At present the economical and social factors are unstable while international relations are breaking down such as Brexit.
In security around the world because terrorist can attack any time in different ways. Take an example of Manchester attack some months back when a terrorist drove through the public on the street, the incident in US in Orlando at a gay club that killed 49 and left 53 wounded. Everyday there are new ways terrorist are using to attack. They killed millions of people, left others homeless , kids left orphans and this is an everyday act and effect. Its an unfair act that makes judgment into the innocent. We have witnessed cities falling, destroyed to the ground. In Aleppo no building was left standing, in Mosul its a total destruction. The survivors of this tragedy are left hopeless and running around the world for help, mass migrations have occurred and refugees seeking better standards of living.
Its so unfair as refugees seek support also terrorist use that opportunity to get to their target countries as asylum seekers. Terrorism has also led to mis concept of the Islamic religion. Muslims are denied privileges as other travelers in certain countries. Donald Trump signed a illegal migration campaign stopping refugees from entering the US and Islamic nationals from some Islamic countries.


Peru  faces strong running water with land slides.

The heavy rain caused erosion and land slides in Peru that so lives almost being lost.  A lot of property was lost including houses.  Animals were being taken off by running  water that was crashing objects in a closed tunnel.  The worst scene is when a woman survives being taken by water in the closed tunnel.  This is the effect of climate change and global warming .



The Paris deal / agreement is the agreement within the United Nations described as an incentive for and driver of fossil fuel divestment.large_myRgI5sB6YRdkP8VBGzA2VkLnPxdDyvWiO12N6m_ALE This is the world’s first climate agreement which was signed on 22-April-2016 by 195 countries around the world. It has been effective since 4 – november-2016. The deal which the president of US withdrew from.
It is about controlling and preserving the environment for a better climate. Being affected by dangerous gases like carbon dioxide which come from green houses, climate has changed the face of the earth leading it to destruction.. This is due to the effect of global warming which is contributed by every country. What is global warming? The increase of the earth’s average surface temperature due to effect of carbon dioxide from green house gases caused by fossil fuels and also other human activities like deforestation have been a great contribution. These gases accumulate in the atmosphere, the sun shines on to the earth’s surface then it’s absorbed and radiated back into the atmosphere as heat. because of the gases heat cannot penetrate through its layers created, so it concentrates on the earth’s surface which leads to increase in temperature that results into wild fires, long droughts rise in sea level causing flooding.
The current temperature on earth has climbed to 0.7C roughly ten times faster than the average temperature of ice age warming. The temperature in the arctic is rising twice as fast as elsewhere on earth, meaning the world’s ice sheets are melting fast leading to a rise in sea level according to scientists.900-477217333-melting-glaciers
Global warming has affected the earth in many ways; increase in temperature has increased heat that causes long droughts and outbreak of insects that cause epidemic diseases like in Africa and Asia. Flooding and erosion are a result of global warming. Landslides have occurred and recent floods in sir lanka, Nigeria to mention a few. Heat has increased in cities compared to rural areas due to man interference with the environment. Also decline in water supply reduces agricultural yields.
Human activities have been a great danger to climate, acts like deforestation, reclaiming land from the sea and oceans. The Paris agreement is supposed to carter for all the above causes to decrease dangers of harming climate. Without proper solutions and unity, the earth is going to be destroyed in a very short time. A quick thinker would say ” if they have failed to agree then the best option is to run off the earth as soon as possible”.
After promising Americans opportunities in his campaign, Donald Trump could not stay in the Paris deal since he targets to use industrial sector to increase employment and generate more revenue. 3DCFC02500000578-4269342-image-a-2_1488321328003However, is this increases global warming since US tops the countries in releasing carbon dioxide with 17%. Can we say the US has abandoned the fair use of the environment.


USA , a country of 50 states with a great cities like New York which is a global financial centre (a city that never sleeps), the administrative Washington and Hollywood famously known for the film industry. With the saying “New order of the ages” and “in God we trust” among others. It was in the second world war that USA became super power and it has been a routine of the country to help other nations world wide through organizations like UN and foreign policies.
It is however, now governed by Donald Trump161107120239-01-trump-parry-super-169 , the first president without military attachment and political experience. Trump was a business man and a television personality before politics. Having earned a degree in economics, Trump with his slogan ‘ to make America great again’. His campaign speech about issues like illegal immigration, Islamic terrorism and US nation debt made the Americans to give him a chance. However, he had a record of number of false statements in his campaign. An effective political tactic that has started back firing for over promising. In his 100 days, he had succeeded in a few and struggling with the many of his promises.
In his 100 days Trump signed six orders, the patient protection and affordable care act. He also withdrew from the tans pacific partnership, re instated the Mexican city policy , re opened the keystone XL and Dakota access pipeline. Also launched the process to build a new Mexico border wall. on 27th January president Trump signed an executive order that suspended admission of refugees for 120 days and denied entry to citizens of some Islamic states such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen for 90 days due to terrorism acts.
Trump supports legalizing medical marijuana, he favors capital punishment as well as water boarding. Favors eliminating the alternative minimum tax and estate tax in the US In his foreign visits this year Trump met with king salman on may 20th and signed a $110 billion arms deal with Saud Arabia. On the 24-27 he attended the 28th NATO summit and the 43rd G7 summit.
His reign started with protests from the day he was declared the president elect, many Americans flooded the streets in protest of unfairness of the elections. Also on his inauguration protests continued. Other incidences were the about the illegal immigration campaign and women matching on the streets. This only shows that the Americans feel insecure under his reign and his unstable policies. This has rose claims about his campaign that is said to have Russians interfere with the elections


ivan-semwangaIt’s of deep sorrow having lost an inspirational young man who was a reflection of possibilities in Uganda, as many youth were and still fanaticizing to reach his heights. It’s not easy for the youth in Uganda to achieve their dreams at an early age and those that have manage, have either gone over seas played their game clean or got a rich partner to marry, to mention; bad black, Don zera, Ezra. However, the majority of the youth that remain in the country never even make it to the middle class level because of unemployment and lack of resources to start projects. On rumors those that have made it have untold terrifying stories behind their success .
Ivan Semwanga was born on 12th DEC 1977 in Nakairo kayunga district in eastern Uganda, by father George semwanga Lutaaya and mother Liize Semwanga who are both deceased .He studied at Bishop Brown primary and later kanjuki SS and Central Academy. After a few years leaving school he moved to South Africa for a better fortune. Ivan heard- 50 cent’s saying of” get rich ,die trying”. After a hustle he managed to set his heights started living an executive high class luxurious life. At his death point Ivan had mult- businesses that included schools, real states and was driving luxurious cars being the first in Uganda to live a celebrity and famous socialist life along with his ex- wife Zari known as the boss lady.

Young and free Ivan has been enjoying the fruits of his sweat with his community both in South Africa and in Uganda. Occasionary he would throw money to the audience in clubs and on parties. Also he did give back to the community as of recent on his last trip to his home country (uganda), he gave charity to children and their parents.
His life is still an adventure as many stories rise on rumors about his death however, that doesn’t fade of the fact that he didn’t achieved his success out of the blue. What else was he to a accomplish, had a nice family, standing businesses lived a dream life and gave back to society. What description would you give such a person, ” a successful mogul”. I know many critics will want to exploit his dark side and create rumors but as an inspiration to society, he has been a perfect reflection for the youth. You have witnessed other individuals trying to live and poetry that kind of life he lived but they couldn’t much him, many have fallen and imprisoned and never rise again. That’s the kind of respect you give to a person that is consistent and keeps the level.
RIP- Ivan Semwanga.