Africa known for its beautiful environment and climate, has gone under harsh political changes. For some countries its a positive change and to others its catastrophe. When the foreigners invaded Africa and colonized almost every country, the black man saw a threat because his independence was stepped on and his lands were exploited. However, in the regime of the white-man a little development was reached that in some countries even their infrastructure still stand.

In the 90s Africans stood for a great cause of gaining independence and controlling their natural resources, there was a quest for peace and freedom. All went well, little did they know greed was knocking at the door step. The same freedom fighters against the white-man after receiving power did exactly what their masters did. There was no freedom of speech, mass killing, controlling the country’s wealth. 80% of them were over throne since they didn’t want to leave power and also  their actions were unbearable as history suggests.

As a matter of fact when these leaders took over power they laid strategies  of how to stay for life in power ad who ever opposed them was murdered or runs to exile. Ruling with the iron hand, dictatorship and corruption. Africa would be far if it was organised from day one after gaining independence, but greed has claimed the leaders souls.

That has not changed in recent years because whoever claims to fight for freedom and democracy after he succeeds , turns his back.  In countries like Ghana, Gambia, Uganda and others have had change of government many times in form of coups.  Due to poor governance rebellions have been formed, and civil war is now part of life in Africa. The current leaders  change the constitution to suit their interests . They control the country’s economy and they have managed to jackpot corruption through out the entire country.

These are hungry and angry wolves , whoever threatens their power in the name of fighting for peace and change, is an enemy.In some countries their are no leaders but mafias who care about their lives and achievement not the well being of the country. As a fact agriculture is the main sector of the economy since climate and environment is suitable.  However, this sector collapsed in some countries because the leaders want to rule poor nationals who won’t focus much on their thrones but survival. They don’t support the farmers, they removed cooperative societies and neglected the most selling products the country survived from.

The law enforcers are personal owned.Yes, the army and police work for an individual instead of protecting the country.  However, all these wolves that have claimed kingdoms never have a smooth fate. The force they use while in power is the same force that drives them out. Just like the wind of change came in the 90s on achieving independence it should come again to clean Africa’s politics.




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