We have witnessed the two teams play against different teams this season and they are all performing well. Manchester united were out  paced this season when they faced off with Huddersfield  and they recorded their first loss in the season. At preset they are behind the ring leaders eight points, this is their chance to reduce the points and give their fans hope . United boss Jose Mourinho  is yet to convince that he is truly the special one for the club. In  recent matches he has been displaying defensive style of play specially when he is facing the strong teams in the league perhaps he will be doing the same with Manchester city since its a strong team at attacking.


Relying on his recent signings Romeo Lukaku, Martic and Paul Pogba, United is expected to produce positive result at Old Tr afford this Sunday. They have the home advantage and also have won their last encounter with City in the pre-season matches. With their team on form we should expect United to display a great entertaining match.

On the other-hand, Manchester City have proven to be undisputed this season so far since they haven’t lost a single match in the premier league. Can United stop the hungry strikers of the sky blues who have shown a great form this season? This Sunday they have a chance to increase the gap  and strengthen the position at the top. What a team they are, having scored 46 goals in 15 matches in the premier league , this shows that the strikers  are real hungry for goals and are yielding the points. With players like Aguero, Sane, Jesus expect a competitive match and a wonderful display of skills on the pitch.

The two coaches Guadiola and Mourinho have been confronting each other many times with different teams. Their battle commences as they face off in the premier league, they manage the two big giants of Manchester and the big names in premier league.

The two clubs have been meeting and United has won 50 matches drawn 52 times and lost 72 times against City. In their recent meeting United managed to secure a 2-0 win. We look forward on Sunday a waiting the big match of the premier league this season at Old Tr afford.


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