This is an incredible year in European soccer as teams have strengthen there squads with high class players.This time around in the last transfer window the big guys like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern and Juventus didn’t spend much. However, the hungry competitors like PSG and Manchester city who were the highest spenders packed there teams with a number of classy players making them the strongest squads at present. There are other teams that have made this champions leagues exciting such as Manchester united, Tonttenham, Besiktas , that have a great form. This means we are going to have a great competition from the round of sixteen as the famous teams in the competition advanced as second best. I think its a little surprising that teams like Bayern Munich, Juventus and Real Madrid are all in that category ( second best). The fun is yet to come as Bayern has picked up its form after getting another coach Jupp Heynckes and managed to defeat there group rivals PSG 3-1 in there last debut. Also Real Madrid is still stabilizing and Juventus is picking up its form.


England this season checked in with five teams after Man united were crowned Europa champions and they booked a straight ticket to the champions league. These teams have shown a great performance and four of them have topped there groups to advance to the next stage. It has been a fantastic start for Tonttenham after topping its  group that had strong names in the competition like Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund which has had a bad start of the season. With players like H. Kane and Ericsson Tontenham might have a chance of advancing from the next stage. A great performance of these teams has created a thinking that we might witness three or two of them in the semi finals as it has been in the recent years when we had Liverpool, Man united and Chelsea.

this is a competition where only the strong survive. Those with the best skills emerge champions above champions.

On the other side predictions by the public show that PSG are at present the best contenders  for the trophy with the best striking line, with the likes of Neymar, Mappe and Cavani leading the team. PSG in the past two years has been ending at the quarter finals but now they have the squad to claim victory. However, the defending champions Real Madrid cannot be left out even if they are unconvincing at the start.

This season has gotten talents on the front page willing to challenge the usual masters Cristiano and Messi. So far the impression shown by De gea the Man united goal keeper and Neymar the PSG wide forward gives them a chance to be on the list. Their appearances has been a positive impact to their teams and much is expected from them in the rest of the season.

When you talk about soccer you have to talk about the coaches that create the winning atmosphere and great strategies.This time round Guardiola has come strong with Manchester city after being the top spender in recent transfer window. This shows that he has well prepared for the season and ready to make Manchester city fans happy with trophies. At the moment he has not lost a single match in any of the competitions  and is leading the premier league with a number of points a head. He made good choices of strikers and midfielders that are making the results.

Jose Mourinho also made a great investment in the man united team after getting players like Paul Pogba, Lukaku, Matic that are rising the clubs flag and giving fans hope after drought past seasons with no trophies since Sir Alex Ferguson left. With his style  of play that involves defending and count attacks he has managed to secure points in all competitions he is yet to be a complex competitor in the champions league.

Talking about strikers, this season has introduced number of them that are hungry for goals like never before. Cristiano Ronaldo-Real Madrid, Neymar- PSG, Harry Kane.-Tottenham, Wissam Ben Yedder- Sevilla, Edinson Cavani- PSG, Roberto Firmino- Liverpool, Cenk Tosun- Besiktas, Mohamed Salah. Fans look up to these players for victory since they drive their teams towards the champions trophy.

However, with soccer nothing is obvious and a lot of surprises are involved. Lets expect best from the the best, this is a competition where only the strong survive. Those with the best skills emerge champions above champions.


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