Slave trade has a big impact done towards Africa as a continent, ever since the early regimes of the white man and the Arabs. Matter of fact in some cases kings used to sell their followers in exchange for a mirror or a gun. Slave trade has never produced a positive impact in Africa and towards the victims that haves undergone its course. In this act of slavery there is harsh treatment just like they do to wild dogs, it involves cages, torture, starvation, rap over working to mention a few.

Introduced by Arabs who were the first migrates to arrive on African soil. Slave trade become a popular trade that interested the whites  who needed workers in their plantations, it grew to its course as history suggests. In Libya slavery started around 1870s when the Arabs had already become the occupants of the region. Now one should say it has been around in the dark coz as the world thought such kind of trade no longer exists. It’s so uncertain that a country in the most affected region is the one still practicing slave trade. Taking advantage of the poor people in nearby states to grow their economy.  “It’s on the expense of humanity”.

Africa as a continent has faced several challenges ever since the day it gained independence.  There is greed for power, corruption, endless civil wars that have caused insecurity giving civilians an idea of living their countries. West Africa specifically has a lot of challenges with many rebel groups in existence forcing people to look for better opportunities and security somewhere else. Europe has always been the best shot for these people and it has been a while since they started using Libya as a gate way. A Few have succeeded but the majority that have failed are the victims in this practice of slavery. The world has been thinking that those people rescued on sea are safe and maybe returned to their countries but unfortunately these poor people are living a hell on earth and also are merchandise for someone.

Libya claims due to a large increase in population there was scarcity of food, facilities and water which resulted to the practice.  With an increased population of about 8000 to a million, they say they managed to depot at least 5% which means the rest of the population was to face any outcome.

As organisations responded to human trafficking in Asian they should also do the same to the current African problem. We are living in a global village where no human being is worthy a penny. If these people are being treated like that before they are sold imagine what would happen if they were bought as merchandise by someone.


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