Unlawful act of intimidating and violating act against civilians or non combatants. Terrorism has generated fear in the world and destabilized governments due to ideological aims or political ambitions. In the present time the world is facing all kinds of terrorism, civil, political and individual interests. Everyday there people dying due to this injustice and it has become a global catastrophe.terrorism-isis With this act growing rapidly every day the global village ideology is being affected since governments are in the state of security threat all times. Terrorism has not only impacted fear in people but also interrupted the functioning of the society. At present the economical and social factors are unstable while international relations are breaking down such as Brexit.

In security around the world because terrorist can attack any time in different ways. Take an example of Manchester attack some months back when a terrorist drove through the public on the street, the incident in US in Orlando at a gay club that killed 49 and left 53 wounded. Everyday there are new ways terrorist are using to attack. They killed millions of people, left others homeless , kids left orphans and this is an everyday act and effect. Its an unfair act that makes judgment into the innocent. We have witnessed cities falling, destroyed to the ground. In Aleppo no building was left standing, in Mosul its a total destruction. The survivors of this tragedy are left hopeless and running around the world for help, mass migrations have occurred and refugees seeking better standards of living.

Its so unfair as refugees seek support also terrorist use that opportunity to get to their target countries as asylum seekers. Terrorism has also led to mis concept of the Islamic religion. Muslims are denied privileges as other travelers in certain countries. Donald Trump signed a illegal migration campaign stopping refugees from entering the US and Islamic nationals from some Islamic countries.


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