The Paris deal / agreement is the agreement within the United Nations described as an incentive for and driver of fossil fuel divestment.large_myRgI5sB6YRdkP8VBGzA2VkLnPxdDyvWiO12N6m_ALE This is the world’s first climate agreement which was signed on 22-April-2016 by 195 countries around the world. It has been effective since 4 – november-2016. The deal which the president of US withdrew from.
It is about controlling and preserving the environment for a better climate. Being affected by dangerous gases like carbon dioxide which come from green houses, climate has changed the face of the earth leading it to destruction.. This is due to the effect of global warming which is contributed by every country. What is global warming? The increase of the earth’s average surface temperature due to effect of carbon dioxide from green house gases caused by fossil fuels and also other human activities like deforestation have been a great contribution. These gases accumulate in the atmosphere, the sun shines on to the earth’s surface then it’s absorbed and radiated back into the atmosphere as heat. because of the gases heat cannot penetrate through its layers created, so it concentrates on the earth’s surface which leads to increase in temperature that results into wild fires, long droughts rise in sea level causing flooding.
The current temperature on earth has climbed to 0.7C roughly ten times faster than the average temperature of ice age warming. The temperature in the arctic is rising twice as fast as elsewhere on earth, meaning the world’s ice sheets are melting fast leading to a rise in sea level according to scientists.900-477217333-melting-glaciers
Global warming has affected the earth in many ways; increase in temperature has increased heat that causes long droughts and outbreak of insects that cause epidemic diseases like in Africa and Asia. Flooding and erosion are a result of global warming. Landslides have occurred and recent floods in sir lanka, Nigeria to mention a few. Heat has increased in cities compared to rural areas due to man interference with the environment. Also decline in water supply reduces agricultural yields.
Human activities have been a great danger to climate, acts like deforestation, reclaiming land from the sea and oceans. The Paris agreement is supposed to carter for all the above causes to decrease dangers of harming climate. Without proper solutions and unity, the earth is going to be destroyed in a very short time. A quick thinker would say ” if they have failed to agree then the best option is to run off the earth as soon as possible”.
After promising Americans opportunities in his campaign, Donald Trump could not stay in the Paris deal since he targets to use industrial sector to increase employment and generate more revenue. 3DCFC02500000578-4269342-image-a-2_1488321328003However, is this increases global warming since US tops the countries in releasing carbon dioxide with 17%. Can we say the US has abandoned the fair use of the environment.


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