USA , a country of 50 states with a great cities like New York which is a global financial centre (a city that never sleeps), the administrative Washington and Hollywood famously known for the film industry. With the saying “New order of the ages” and “in God we trust” among others. It was in the second world war that USA became super power and it has been a routine of the country to help other nations world wide through organizations like UN and foreign policies.
It is however, now governed by Donald Trump161107120239-01-trump-parry-super-169 , the first president without military attachment and political experience. Trump was a business man and a television personality before politics. Having earned a degree in economics, Trump with his slogan ‘ to make America great again’. His campaign speech about issues like illegal immigration, Islamic terrorism and US nation debt made the Americans to give him a chance. However, he had a record of number of false statements in his campaign. An effective political tactic that has started back firing for over promising. In his 100 days, he had succeeded in a few and struggling with the many of his promises.
In his 100 days Trump signed six orders, the patient protection and affordable care act. He also withdrew from the tans pacific partnership, re instated the Mexican city policy , re opened the keystone XL and Dakota access pipeline. Also launched the process to build a new Mexico border wall. on 27th January president Trump signed an executive order that suspended admission of refugees for 120 days and denied entry to citizens of some Islamic states such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen for 90 days due to terrorism acts.
Trump supports legalizing medical marijuana, he favors capital punishment as well as water boarding. Favors eliminating the alternative minimum tax and estate tax in the US In his foreign visits this year Trump met with king salman on may 20th and signed a $110 billion arms deal with Saud Arabia. On the 24-27 he attended the 28th NATO summit and the 43rd G7 summit.
His reign started with protests from the day he was declared the president elect, many Americans flooded the streets in protest of unfairness of the elections. Also on his inauguration protests continued. Other incidences were the about the illegal immigration campaign and women matching on the streets. This only shows that the Americans feel insecure under his reign and his unstable policies. This has rose claims about his campaign that is said to have Russians interfere with the elections


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