It’s a reality that Africa has strong values and norms, culture with so much to learn and to believe. High civilization in the past that now we witness great infrastructures that stand today like the pyramids and ancient cities in Egypt. A well organised governing structure of kings that in some before were believed to be demi gods. Societies had better structures that man only worried about protecting his family. Its recorded in history that many leaders and elites visited the continent to discover and learn from it, Alexander the great, Napoleon just to mention a few. Africa was a land of bread and honey. Even today many secret societies use African value and believe to function.

With the influence of foreign rule (colonialism), Africa went into steps of change from political, social and economic. However, did our colonial masters enrich the continent or destroyed its nature? Political change replaced spears with guns, kings with presidents, linage rule with elections. It came with ideologies of capitalism and communism. This changed the governing structures and led to scramble for power. After colonial rule the continent was free to control its affairs, this was not a chance to rebuild; it was the start of destruction. Those that have power have self-interests and have less consumed about the people. Africa went in the fazes of coups that removed puppet leaders but only introduced military governments that are the main cause of Africa’s problems today. Leaders that don’t want to leave power causing civil wars and rebellions which have made people face the worst treatment ever in the history of the continent


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