The market place is the heart of business and the beginning of success. The people who succeed in business know their market, where it is , its demands and its other options. The problem of the youth today is that they fantasies what established individuals have become thinking it’s a short root to success, instead of finding out the best procedures to first the business in a unique way. It’s of no use leaving your dream to pursue someone else’s dream falling into his footsteps instead of becoming an innovator/ creator. Making the same business in the same place as the other only fails growth and development. this only leads to the collapse of the business because of the greed for profits.
If only people could utilize the techniques from their own ideas like developed countries do, developing countries control competition of market. The problem is that in developing countries if one starts a business and people witness it grow, they run first to start the same business in the same place “not one , not two, but many.” It only leads to high supply and low demands which led to collapse of the business because prices would be very low.
the power of developed countries is in innovation and creativity which has lead to the high speed growth of technology in their countries. When business opens up any time there is ready market because they controlled competition.


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