It has been a routine every year for Muslims to involve themselves in the fasting event known as Ramadan. Ramadan was introduced during sha ‘ban in the second year after Muslims migrated from Mecca to Medina .Every year in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, its mandatory for every Muslim to pour his/ her heart to Allah through fasting. Ramadan, is one of the five pillars of Islam and it’s the fourth pillar to be fulfilled, others include; Believing in one God and that Mohammed ( PBWH) is a prophet of Allah. Praying five times a day. Paying zakah. To make pilgrimage to Mecca.
Ramadan lasts 29 to 30 days and in this period a Muslim is not allowed to do certain things in order to have a holy fasting. These abstains include; Not allowed to eat during the day and not drinking any kind of liquid. Smoking is prohibited for the whole fasting period. No sexual relations and abstain from bad deeds. However, there are people allowed to fore go fasting. The ill, travelers, elderly, pregnant women, breast feeding. For any Muslim who is in good health conditions is supposed to fast in the month of Ramadan.
The fasting period has dos and don’ts. There are a accomplishments to make a good fasting; Sawm( fasting)which is the main reason in Ramadan. Praying five times a day. Zakah and sadaqah which include alms giving. Zakah-fitr is a must give before praying Eid to purify your fasting period. Also praying taraweeh in the evening when ending your fasting of the day.(It’s the prayer after swalat-ishah). Reading the Quran and avoiding sin. Those that don’t fast with reason are required to help the ones fasting or giving aid to the needy.
This year’s fasting period starts on 27th of may and ends on the 24th of June after Muslims will be celebrating Eid-fitr. It’s of good reason for non Muslims to be aware of the fasting period in order not to inconvenience those fasting. There are acts which can affect their fasting like eating in their presence is an act of temptation and disrespecting of faith.
For Muslims in the fasting period there don’ts that can cancel your fasting of the day. These include; intentional eating, shaking hands with the opposite sex who is not your relative, immorality.
The reason for fasting is to fulfill the fourth pillar of Islam, to purify your soul and also to get blessings from Allah. Peace be with you.


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