​Working abroad has been a benefit for the unemployed and unprivileged. After the government failing to create job opportunities for its nationals, many have found a fortune abroad. however, the government has failed to help those that faced harsh treatment and those that have fallen victim of racism and mistreatment. A lot of torture and mistreatment is happening everyday but nothing has been done to help them. Moreover the country’s economy is also supported by those working abroad, when they are unstable means that also it affects the economy too.

It’s such a shame that the countries where these cases are rising are the same that the government claim to get employment for its nationals. Without proper policies a lined to protect them  leaves questions unanswered. The government should come out and explain its protection policy for those working abroad and the measures in place to help those that fall victim of torture and mistreatment.

Other countries have agreement with those governments that deploy the nationals  and an agreement is reached to protect their nationals. Can the government assure the public that there is a clear agreement reached upon with these governments to protect its nationals from acts of slavery and torture. Cases have risen in the middle east with evidence of videos and audios released by the victims. Women are falling victims everyday especially those that are employed as maids (rape and mistreatment)

After failing to create opportunities, it would be better for the government to ensure protection for those that search for it elsewhere. Ever since cases arose , none has been solved, this leaves Ugandans helpless and loosing trust in their leaders. Without shame, they over tax the items of those that come back home and failure to clear they take the items. Before they tax those importing items they should first give them protection, this shows greed and not service and also the effects that come out of privatizing an airport. Ugandans are now suffering due to privatization which gives power to the contractors to implement their choice of policies.

It has been a successful ambition for the government of destroying the country after causing unemployment now they have started brain drain, making sure no more development takes place in the country. it makes sense as its easy ruling people who are not home  moreover  they are only getting low paying jobs that will only lead to slow development.

It is so sad that the nation is falling apart and the worst is praised to be the best. Many nationals are flying overseas to secure a future however much the conditions are unfavorable. The acts of racism and torture have been acted upon them but the government eyes with silence and takes the back seat. What security is given to those  currently it is deploying in the middle east.


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