Arrow road

Many people have tried to help you rise while others fight for your fall. This is nature. No one is one sided, having only enemies or friends. It only comes to you to decide whether to be over powered by the positive or negative side of your life. If you are weak in mind then you are most likely to fall on the negative side, which your enemies use (weakness) to overpower you.

Today we are surrounded by those that smile when you achieve and those that laugh when you fail. We live amongst hypocrites, haters, and friends. Peers who influence our lives and make part of our future. Sometimes you are stranded with believe whether the pal next to you supports your ideas or is around you to witness your failures.

Many people today have failed to reach their goals in life due to peers or colleagues that they share with. IN most cases they are close friends or relatives that define what we should believe, if they are moderate people then you are most likely to fall in the same path. Many of the people feed on ideas of those close to them instead of following their minds. The moment you become dependent in decision making means you can’t achieve a lot in life. Also it sticks in your mind that you can’t achieve unless you have support. Relaying very much on their minds brings weakness and laziness on addition to loosing self-confidence.

Today people that are counted successful stood up against beliefs of the family and their governments, these human made structures imprison you and limit your abilities, you can only penetrated them when you stand on your personal decisions. For example some people dropped out of school in believe that they could be better without further education and they stood their ground to success. Sometimes we ask advice from people who have bad experience about an idea in in the end you are discouraged to continue on something. This is where decision making is more powerful factor.

Find who you are without people manipulating your mind and deciding for you. Don’t allow to be discouraged without trying to gain your own experience. Alright, we know we are programed from childhood but those who follow it leave an average life and can’t penetrate the boundaries. Those with exclusive ideas tend to leave outside the walls and build a new dimension of life for a better future. Living outside the program is risk taking but in most cases it’s worth it. Your father has ideas and laws governing you and in most cases he wants you to be him (same work or path of life) but you have your life to discover. The system we live in is on longer perfect and the only way to succeed is to stand your ground. Be a better man today for tomorrow.


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